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Free and Automated SSL Certificates

We’re excited to announce that all current and new Webeeh build websites now get a free SSL certificate to secure their website with.


Today we are announcing the general availability of Automatic SSL certificate provisioning process for all premium plans websites. With Automatic SSL, the cumbersome and costly process of provisioning and managing SSL certificates is replaced with an easy and automated process that is free for all websites hosted on the Webeeh platform. Creating an SSL (HTTPS) enabled secure web website is very important and with the Webeeh Website Builder and the Let’s Encrypt project now it is easier than you think.

The automatic SSL certificate provisioning process handles all aspects of SSL/TLS certificates for custom domains; you no longer have to purchase certificates or worry about their expiration or renewal. Automated SSL process creates SSL certificates on our servers for each domain to make encryption the default for websites and helps you protect against eavesdropping, cookie theft, and content hijacking. Webeeh has always tried to made it easy to add SSL encryption to websites — today’s release of Automated SSL certificate provisioning process extends that further to automatically generate a TLS certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt for your website custom domain.


How It Works


New Websites

Every time you upgrade from a Free plan to a Basic, Pro or Business plan, we will automatically generate a TLS certificate for your custom domain. You will need to ensure that your website custom domain is pointed to the correct DNS targets as specified in the website activation email message.


Existing Websites

The SSL certificate will automatically provision for every domain who already has a site through Webeeh Website Builder, so no action required from your end. Existing domains that point to our server should already have an SSL certificate issued by now. When you add a new custom domain, the Automatic SSL certificate provisioning process will issue an SSL certificate within 24 hours.




06 May 2019